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The Glacier Symphony, Orchestra and Chorale, is one of the most active performing arts organizations in the inner-mountain northwest. Located in Montana’s beautiful Flathead Valley, the symphony produces a yearly Masterworks season of subscription concerts, educational programming for area schools, the family-friendly outdoor Symphony Night at Rebecca Farm, exclusive special events, and the region’s only weeklong classical music series, Festival Amadeus. Join us as we explore the finest in classical music!

Concerts • Outdoor Performances • Special Events • Music Festivals • Opera • Education

Glacier Orchestra

Orchestra Members | 2019/2020

Music Director & Conductor
John Zoltek

Violin 1
Sally Jerde, Concertmaster
Lynn Andenoro
Michael Certalic+
Miriam Grenheim
Pam Hillygus+
Anita Ho
Linda Kuntz
Jan Lord
Ian Nicklin+
Ian Nicklin+
Trevor Ostenson+
Amelia Thornton+
Elizabeth Wilkinsen+

Violin 2
Amy Haymond*
Marilyn Anderson
Chloe Chef
Brianne Franklin
Lindsey Groves
Connie Rudie
Karina Scherrer
Phyllis Snow
Suzie Wambeke

Jenanne Solberg*
Naomi Barnes
Betsy Funk
Amelia Thornton+
Aimee Zupicich

Griffin Browne*
Jesse Ahmann+
Jes Hagale
Betsy Kohnstamm
Melinda Morison
Melinda Payne Sanders
Diane Sine
Amy Zoltek

Don Beller
Toni Braig+
Virginia Bowden
Michelle Tanburg

Betsy Finch*
Beth Pirrie *
Kate Fraser
Jennifer Hawkins*
Anna Schultz

Clarinet/Bass Clarinet
Dinah Weimer *
Maryruth Fallon
Chris Moen
Lisa Seelye+
Joseph Valenti
Andy Walling

Reid Merley*
Karri Linder
Mary Tess

English Horn
Karri Linder
Mary Tess

Alicia McLean+*
Logan Beskoon+

French Horn
Paul Rossi*
Chip Davis*
Bob Green+
Laurie Miller
Greg Notes
Nancy Roe+

Marin Weimer*
BJ Lupton*
Michael Boreson
Gerry Schultz

Hank Hanford*
Randi Tunnell
Jim Lehner
Dave Lawrence

Ben Caudill*

Peggy Young*

Marlene Anderson*

Dave Barr*

Jeremy Reinbolt
Nathan Connell
Trevor Woodward
Nic Hanna

Section Principal *
Non-Resident Import Musician +
High School Student Musician (s)

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Glacier Chorale

Chorale Members | 2019/2020

Chorale Conductor
Micah Hunter

Alma Ramlow

Casey Bachurski
Kim Baker
Jeri Brown
Barbara Burch*
Grace Burtsfield
Heather Catlett***
Katie Christensen
Melissa Conn
Rachel Hardy
Laura Hudson
Lily Kirsanow
Jenny LaSorte
Shirley Lockard
Wendy Marshall
Susan Neilson
Paula Rich
Linden Rigler
Tiffany Riley
Tina Riley
Lindsey Rosenberry
Susan Roy
Arline Tinkham
Clarice Tuttle
Amy Vanderbilt
Kirsten Wells
Kristen Young

Catherine Allen
Adrienne Barnes
Jo Borowski
Annie Burtsfield
Betty Carlson
Rachel Cook
Dorothy Drury
Sherri Dutton
Dee Fleming
Melissa Gunderson
Robin Harrison
Judy Hebing
Jill Hembroff
Heather Licht
Jooeun Lim
Dawn Matt
Cassie McCann
Sarah Nuckolls
Marcia O’Brien
Annalise Pierson
Julia Pierrottet
Dusty Roth
Alaura Scherrer
Marcia Siblerud
Tana Simpson
Sarah Gasbarro
Valeriya Voronina Sasser
Barbara Walden**

Terry Comstock
Tim DeVries
Caleb Fredenberg
Josh Holloway*
Bob Kruse
Ivan Lorentzen
Curtis Lund
Jeph Morris
Mark Railey
Jim Rowe

Chauncey Allison
Joe Apple
Jim Coolidge
Terry Falk
Clint Finlayson
Bill Hartford
Jackson Hayden
Steve Johnson
Martin Jones
Jeff Martin
Zachary Maurer
Allan McGarvey
Greg Naive*
Keith Nelson
David Reese
Jackson Reese
Brad Roy
Jason Sanders
Bill Sauer


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Youth Music Experience (YME)

Enhancing excellence and understanding in music.

The Glacier Symphony outreach and education programs provide area youth of all ages with in-school concerts, guest artist demonstrations, camps, free tickets, classes, performance opportunities, scholarships, and more! These experiences are funded by our dedicated sponsors and donors. Want to help? Invest in music education!

Wild About Music (WAM) Concert Schedule | 2019/2020

Friday, October 18, 2019 | Flathead High School
Friday, November 8, 2019 | Flathead High School
Friday, November 22, 2019 | Flathead High School
Friday, February 21, 2020 | Flathead High School

Dates and locations subject to change. Contact us at for more information.

YME SPONSORS | 2019/2020

New Symphony Hall – coming 2020!

In conjunction with Flathead Valley Community College Foundation, the Glacier Symphony’s patrons have helped raise over $18 million for the ambitious ONE Campaign to construct a new College Center. This facility will feature a state-of-the-art Performance and Lecture Hall with superb acoustics to serve as the Glacier Symphony’s primary concert venue. The College Center will also include an art and exhibition gallery/reception hall, an outdoor amphitheater, and a multi-purpose activity complex.

Want to invest in great music? Donate to the ENCORE Campaign (a continuation of the ONE Campaign) to enlarge the Performance Hall design by 1000 seats! This would be the only venue of its kind and size in Northwest Montana and expand our local educational and cultural opportunities.

Our Business is YOU

The Glacier Symphony, Orchestra and Chorale, is dedicated to fiscal responsibility to ensure the longevity and continued impact of our music and programming. As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, this is YOUR symphony.

Board of Directors

The Glacier Symphony honors the tremendous contribution of the current and past Board of Directors, who worked tirelessly to help create the wonderful organization we have today. Thanks to those who chose to take on the responsibility of serving their community.

Current Board | 2019/2020

Jon Johnson, President
Mark Holston, Vice President
Dan Chishom, Treasurer
Lucy Smith, Secretary
Mona Charles
Jim Coolidge
Ginnie Cronk
Heidi Escalante
Joanna Galbraith
Laurie Miller
Julie Moffitt
Marylou Patterson
Tamara Williams

Past Board Presidents

1983-1985 – Gabe Perjessy, Kalispell
1985-1986 – Hi Gibson, Kalispell
1986-1988 – Mike Fraser, Kalispell
1988-89/90-91 – Dean Nelson, Kalispell
1989-1990 – Charlotte Higgs, Kalispell
1991-1992 – Kathy McDevitt, Kalispell
1992-1994 – Steve Cummings, Kalispell
1994-1996 – Eric Kaplan, Kalispell
1996-1997 – Ed Jasmin, Kalispell
1997-1998 – Martha Groenke, Bigfork
1998-2001 – Joan Pfuhl, Bigfork
2001-2003 – Jean Hagen, Bigfork
2003-2005 – Jim Strainer, Bigfork
2005-2007 – Mark Kirk, Bigfork
2007-2009 – B.J. Carlson, Kalispell
2009-2011 – Margaret Baird, Lakeside
2011-2013 – Maureen Hathaway, Somers
2013-2015 – B.J. Lupton, Kalispell
2015-2017 – Jim Lehner, Kalispell
2017-2019 – Julie Moffitt, Bigfork
2019-present – Jon Johnson, Whitefish

The Glacier Symphony, Orchestra and Chorale Board has up to 24 directors, with one representative each from the orchestra and chorale. The Executive Director, Music Director, and Chorale Director are considered non-voting members of the Board of Directors. The board meets monthly, generally on the third Tuesday of the month at 4:00 pm. The board meetings are open to the public. If you are interested in attending a board meeting, please email to confirm the date, time, and location of the meeting.

Our Story

Glacier Symphony, Orchestra and Chorale, Season 2018/2019
Our mission is to provide a diverse range of excellent musical experiences in Northwest Montana that inspire, challenge, and educate our musicians, audience,  and students.

The Glacier Symphony, Orchestra and Chorale has its roots in the 1970’s when the Performing Arts Council was formed from a core of music lovers in the Flathead Valley. The Council sponsored recitals and summer concerts in the Valley and later formed The Hockaday Chamber Orchestra, which performed a series of concerts. Glacier Symphony members of this early group included Doug James, Lindy James, and Shauneen and Ray Garner.

This early musical group coalesced in earnest in June 1981 when they continued to rehearse and perform together as the Flathead Valley Chamber Orchestra and Chorale. By 1982, the group had expanded to the size that larger works could be performed, under the direction of the new guest conductor Gordon Johnson, conductor of the Great Falls Symphony. That same year, Gordon was named Music Director, and the name of the group was changed to The Glacier Orchestra and Chorale. Shauneen Garner was the founding Chorale Conductor and Robin Bailey was named Executive Director in 1985.

In 1997, with the hiring of John Zoltek as a full time music director, the growth of the organization expanded rapidly. To reflect its substantial growth and artistic quality, the G.O.C. changed its name to the Glacier Symphony and Chorale in July 2003. In 2004, Amy Smith-Kellogg was hired as Executive Director, followed by Alan Satterlee in 2006. Dr. Jim Stanard was hired as the Chorale Conductor in 2006 following the retirement of Shauneen Garner. Accomplished chorale conductor Dr. Micah Hunter, was hired in 2015 to take over for Dr. Stanard. 

Continuing to grow and evolve, with a mission to bring more classical music to the area, John Zoltek’s dream of establishing a week long classical music festival came to fruition in 2008 with the premier of Festival Amadeus, which celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2017

Now, with the new name of “Glacier Symphony, Orchestra and Chorale,” we are the most active symphonic organization in the state of Montana, performing up to 24 concerts and events per season, with year-round programming. During our Masterworks season we offer a variety of symphonic, holiday pops and chorale concerts from October through February, a 3 concert series in April for our Spring Festival, and more. Summer programming includes our outdoor Symphony Night at the Farm concerts at Rebecca Farm, and our unique, weeklong, Festival Amadeus. Interwoven throughout the entire year is our expanding Wild About Music (WAM) education and outreach programs.

Glacier Symphony attracts audiences from all across Northwest Montana, plus visitors from around the country. Guest artists of world renown perform regularly with the Symphony and are delighted to find such an accomplished symphonic organization in our valley. The Symphony will continue to provide diverse programming, combining with the different art forms such as opera and dance to enlarge its artistic offerings, enhancing the cultural assets of our community. There is truly something for everyone at the Glacier Symphony!